Battle Gear (commonly abbreviated as BG) are additional ability to units to improve their combat ability for a certain resource cost. This can allow units to defeat higher tier units they would normally struggle with or be defeated by. They also allow the player to further define the role a unit will play in a combat situation, such as damage absorption, building destruction, or reconnaissance.

All of the selectable units (except Channeler) can acquire Battle Gear and acquired depends on the Clans.

  • Dragon - Acquired from either Shrine or Fireworks Factory
  • Serpent - Similar to Dragon, but acquired from either Metal Shop or Thieves' Guild
  • Lotus - Acquired from any of Lotus Brothers. "Ones" units can acquired from combat buildings. Second tier units can also consume Peasants to gain Battle Gear.
  • Wolf - All units except Druidess can acquire from Druidess' Blessing. All units except Werewolf can acquire passive Battle Gear Shale Armor from Shalery. And only druidesses can acquire Blessing from Cairn.

There are different types of Battle Gear:

  • Initiate - Activate to trigger this effect
  • Passive - Triggers this effect without manually using it
  • Toggle - Enables or disables the Battle Gear.

However, Battle Gear cannot be used while mounting, especially passive Battle Gear cannot be activated.

Zen Masters or heroes and tamed horses have their own Battle Gear and cannot be removed or replaced. It is also called "Ability."

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