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Previously known as Battle Realms Genesis or internally as BRG, Battle Realms Legends is the third project released by Liquid Entertainment in the Battle Realms franchise, the other two being Battle Realms, and Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf (WOTW). It is said to be made in form of a RPG game (TCG), but Ed Del Castillo reiterated that this is not the only project to be undertaken by the company in expanding the game franchise. Characterizing his goal for the TCG, Ed said it to be "a portfolio piece for the world".

The name was changed from Battle Realms Genesis because "We think it’s a much better name and hits more to the core of our Zen Master focussed gameplay." according to Ed.


According to the updates of Ed Del Castillo in the Liquid Entertainment website, it will be a card game showcasing clans, heroes and the land of the Battle Realms Universe. The following are some of the announced content of the coming Battle Realms Genesis.

Unannounced, but probably same unit training process. Retained old clans (Dragon, Serpent, Wolf and Lotus), but improved design. New insights in the history and concept of the Battle Realms Universe. New clans, units, places and heroes. Some of the released previews of assorted units showcases new concepts like elves and demons. Therefore the concepts may remind you of other RTS games, MMORPG or other online games, such as World of Warcraft. Gallery Liquid Entertainment recently released the first peek at the new and old-new character concepts for the Battle Realms Genesis. The pictures below showcases assorted units from different clans.


Other news, aside from BRG, said by Ed Del Castillo, they are also working on other Battle Realms concept projects. He even mentioned a that they are finding ways to fund an update to the first Battle Realms games and a potential Battle Realms 2. Ed also said something about Good Old Games or, a computer game sale and distribution service, that they will be launching a new and improved version of the first real-time strategy (RTS) Battle Realms games in order to parry with today's high resolution and quality graphics games although this could change following the announcement of Battle Realms: Lair of The Lotus.

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