This article was created for the purposes of determining everything there is to Battle Realms inside and out.

Battle Realms was coded with Microsoft Visual C++.

These libraries are imported by it.

  • WINMM.dll - For time functions.
  • KERNEL32.dll - Basic WinApi library.
  • USER32.dll - Basic WinApi library.
  • GDI32.dll - This is a graphics library.
  • ADVAPI32.dll - Registry
  • SHELL32.dll - To execute shell commands
  • IMM32.dll 
  • WSOCK32.dll - This is a socket library.
  • RPCRT4.dll

  • WS2_32.dll - More sockets

  • MSACM32.dll - Streams?

Most of these were probably put there by the Visual C++ compiler.


C:/Projects/COMMON - Contains directories and files probably shared by other Liquid games.

C:/Projects/Samurai/Code - Contains the .cpp files used by Battle Realms.

File Formats

Interface Files

.lcr - Liquid Cursor Resource

.ltX - Liquid Text (X = language char: e, f, g, i, k, s)

.lfr - Liquid Font Resource

.lfx - Liquid Effect

.lsr - Liquid Screen Resource

.uva - UV Animation

Model Files

.lsk - Liquid Skeleton

.lms - Liquid Mesh

.lmd - Liquid Model.

.lwt - Liquid Weight.

Other files

.br1 - Saved game

.bre - Expansion map

.brp - Battle Realms Profile

.dat - Game Data

.dll - Single player campaign script (except Serpent 5E_F.dll)

.h2o - Compressed archive containing all the resources and files Battle Realms uses. These include but are not limited to models, textures, maps, text, fonts, cursors, music, dialogue, graphic effects, and sound effects.

.ini - Configuration file

.key - Shortcut Keys

.sam - Map

Sound Files

.wav - Waveform Audio File format

Terrain Files


Texture Files

.dds - DirectDraw Surface (TGA alternative; not used in any of the released .exe's)

.mat - Material (probably only used internally)

.tga - Textures are in Truevision TARGA format.

.ttf - TrueType Font

Unused Files

.ltf - Sound related

.scc - Leftover compiler file?

.txt - Debug output file

WorldMaster Files

.slp - Probably Scene Lighting Preset

.wbr - Probably WorldMaster Brush Resource


It is still unknown why the folder in which Battle Realms files were stored was called Samurai

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