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Kenji, exiled heir to the Dragon Throne, has returned after many years to an even more chaotic world wracked by the intrigues of the Serpent, Wolf, and Lotus Clans. The Serpent Clan, who has ruled all other clans with an iron fist of mercilessness and a hunger for power, has sown hatred in not only the other clans but in the Serpent clan itself. The Lotus, a clan that has sold itself to dark magics and the way of the Warlocks, stands just below the Serpent, but will they stay there for long, now that grand warlock Zymeth rules the Lotus? And what of the Wolf clan, who have been torn from their home and enslaved by the Lotus in the shale mines, while the Serpent turned a blind eye? Will Grayback the slave with a vision of a restored order of Druidresses lead the wolf slaves to victory and emancipation?

Now that Kenji, son of the Serpent, and heir to the Oja dynasty has returned, shall he subject the land in a campaign of malevolence and promote Serpent domination, or restore the war-torn realm to the former glory of the ancient Dragon Clan?