The Blade Garden is a building of the Lotus Clan.
Lotus Blade Garden screen


Lotus Blade Garden
This dead and lifeless garden honors Sekh, who once pruned the metallic leaves of the Tree. Its razor-sharp leaves are still gathered by Leaf Disciples, who use them as missiles; others visit the garden to walk its strange, twisting paths and reflect on madness.

Sekh is the patron of magic, and mind-bending spells are worked within these walls. The Leafbite spell further hones the Tree's deadly leaves, Leafstep quickens the pace of Leaf Disciplies, Infested Ones and Unclean Ones, and the Bond of Pestilence drastically multiplies the Infested One's maggots, allowing them to be hurled in larger, hungrier clumps.


Trains the following units:


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