Cannoneer  Cannoneer
Tier 2
Total Rice 60
Total Water 60
Total Training Time 45 (20/25)
Hitpoints 360
Melee Blunt
Missile/Ranged Blunt
Strengths Explosive (-75%), Fire (-75%), Magic (-50%)
Weaknesses Blunt (+50%)
Prerequisite Serpent Peasant trains at Sharpshooter's Guild and Alchemist Hut.
Passive Pass-through Damage: The Cannoneer's shots go through enemies and buildings, damaging all it passes through.

"Defeat me? Ha! You couldn't survive a blast from this beast if you were carrying it yourself."
— Cannoneer

The Cannoneer is a unit of the Serpent Clan.


Where the Serpent Musketeer is arrogant and disliked by his fellow troops, the Cannoneer is respected and feared. Hauling tremendous cannons fashioned from solid tree-trunks and pig iron, these massive men of few words lumber about the battlefield stoically, though few others could even lift their burdens. These cannons fire heavy iron shot with such force that they often kill several men at once as they rip through terrified and scattering enemy ranks. Practically one-man siege engines and usually knowledgeable in the ways of masonry, lone Cannoneers have been known to demolish granite fortifications in mere minutes.

At close range, the Cannoneers thrust and bash their ponderous guns, ripping flesh and shattering bones. Yet, burdened as they are, they are unable to parry or dodge enemy strikes, and thus require infantry support to be truly effective.


Cannoneer's blunt shots are very powerful, especially against buildings or watchtowers. The "Cannon Sights" upgrade improves canoneer's shooting range thus making him more effective. The pass-through damage similar to the Hurlers can even damage units and buildings at the same time as it passes through them. However, Cannoneers have obvious disadvantages: slow rate-of-fire and weakness against their own Blunt weapons.

Canoneer also has special battle gears that can be used in combat; Mines are for covering certain spots and narrow paths that can take the enemy by surprise, they're quite effective against horses and the units, weak to explosive damage, making it deadly as well as allowing your units to take advantage of the enemy units. Smoke Bombs, on the other hand, can stop units, reduce their line-of-sight and damage. It is effective for both: enaging in combat and retreating, as it can always confuse the enemies.

Battle Gear

S-mines Mines Stamina:
4 uses, Stamina cost: 0%
S-smokebombs Smoke Bombs Stamina:
4 uses, Stamina cost: 0%
Requirements: Metal Shop Requirements: Thieves' Guild
These compact explosive charges, available at the Metal Shop, are forced deep into the ground by the cannon's blast, where they sleep harmlessly until awakened by the hapless footsteps of an enemy. A single cannoneer can carry up to 4 mines. The maximum number of mines, that can be planted on the map is 20. The crafty Thieves' Guild has long used small smoke bombs to generate confusion during their daring escapes. These larger versions are a recipe for battlefield chaos. A cannoneer can carry up to 4 Smoke Bombs.


  • The "Steel Cannonballs" can either be a technique or an upgrade:
    • As an upgrade, "Steel Cannonballs" will alternate the Cannoneer's missile weapon from CannonBall (no. 25), which is a non-siege weapon (i.e. dealing 50% damage against buildings), with an area-of-effect of 0, dealing 37.5 blunt damage, to Upgrade_Steel_Cannonballs (no. 147), which is a siege weapon (i.e. dealing 100% damage against buildings), with an area-of-effect of 2, and dealing 38 explosive damage.
    • As a technique, Steel Cannonballs merely modifies the Cannoneer's Cannonball from a non-siege to a siege weapon. Supposedly, siege Cannonball should deal 2 times more damage to buildings than non-siege Cannonball, but in fact the Cannonneer does not deal double damage to buildings even after getting Steel Cannonballs.
    • Due to coding error: all missile weapons -whether Siege or NonSiege- always do 100% dmg against buildings (also accounting for buildings' resistances) (NonSiege melee & instant hit weapons only do 50% damage to buildings; Siege counterparts do 100% damage). That's why the Steel Cannonballs Technique does not increase the Cannoneer's damage against buildings. The Cannoneer always deals 100% dmg to buildings.
    • However, as of versions 1.50q or one from, Steel Cannoballs is very unlikely to be an upgrade. because in the Data_Upgrades tab, the Upgrade_Steel_Cannonballs (no. 27) is listed as costing 2 Yins. Meanwhile, in the Data_Techniques tab, the Technique_Steel_Cannonballs (no. 36) is listed as having the accurate Yin cost of 3.
    • Steel Cannonballs wastes 3 Yins from the player: as an upgrade, giving only an 0.5 increase in attack damage; as a Technique, not doubling the Cannonneer's damage against buildings.
    • Peculiarly, Steel Cannonballs doubles the Cannoneer's melee weapon's damage against buildings. Because the technique affects both the Cannoneer's primary-missile & secondary-melee weapons
  • The damage type of Smoke Bombs is "Magic". A smoke bomb and a Cannoneer's cannonball are different in this way.
  • Concentrated Smoke Bombing is able to set buildings on fire. 2 Smoke Bombs launched at the same time would make a watchtower burn slightly.
  • Each Smoke Bomb reduces enemy units' damage by 25%. The effect is stackable, which means it's bugged (it was supposed to be fixed in battlepack 3 long ago, but, for some reason, wasn't).
  • The Smoke Bomb aftermath resets enemy units' behavior settings: it disables "Passive mode" , "Stand Ground" , "Guard" and "Force Attack", making an enemy unit (if not controlled by player) attack a nearby target after Smoke Bomb main effect (line of sight and damage reduction) is gone. The effect is also stackable.
  • Abusing Smoke Bombs in BR Multiplayer is usually prohibited, due to the bugged stackability of it's/its two already mentioned effects.


Quotes (Move)

  • "Quick and sure!"
  • "Loaded up!"
  • "Armed and dangerous"
  • "Point the way"
  • "On target!"
  • "Smokin"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "The Serpent strikes!"
  • "Take aim!"
  • "In my sights"
  • "Pick them off!"
  • "Blast 'em!"
  • "Shoot to kill!"
  • "Aim for the head!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Back off!"

Quotes (Kill)

  • "Eat lead!"
  • "I'm sorry, was that your eye?"
  • "How does that feel?"
  • "Duck!"
  • "Dance!"
  • "Ha-ha, jump!"
  • "Like koi in a pond!"

Quotes (Heal)

  • "Ahhh.... Pleasing!"
  • "Ahhh... Better!"

Quotes (Death)

  • "One last shot...."
  • "Blast.. you!"