There are some questions that get repeated A LOT in the comments of various pages. If you have a question, there are many people here with a wide variety of knowledge about the game. Don't be afraid to ask a question, but check below first so that you're not repeating something that has already been asked and covered many times.
Q: Where can I download original Battle Realms (+ Winter Of The Wolf)?
Q: Is there a custom resolution mod? FOV? Widescreen Support?
Q: My Battle Realms doesn't launch or work properly, what do I do?
Q: Gamespy is down! How can I play Multiplayer?
  • For that, use GameRanger! This is a small client where all the BR fans play since 2009 (even before the Gamespy was down, because GameRanger introduced a better connection system).

I can't find the answer above!

If you have a question that isn't covered above, feel free to ask it in the Comments below and the people that are "Following" this page will try their best to answer you.

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