Kenji Oja returns after 7 years when he spotted a battle between Serpent Clan Bandits and Dragon Clan Peasants.You must kill all Peasants and destroy their houses.After helping the bandits, they recognize Kenji as the Lord Serpent's son.Then they will give you instructions.

First Crossroads

Kenji, after gathering his father's loyalists, marches against 2 rival generals, Shinja and Otomo. He must choose to fight either one of them after another:

If you choose to fight Otomo, his forces were holed up in a forested area. You must kill his forces. Otomo will surrender to you.

If you choose to destroy Shinja's forces, you must destroy his Keep, his Dragon Clan mercenaries and fight him. He will surrender to your might.

Second Crossroads

Kenji, after getting both rebellious generals, must go to Swan's Pool to get the Serpent Orb.But first, you must choose 3 areas:

One's the most chosen area, the middle. Where you will go to the town in the middle of a trading deal. You must build a force to attack. They met some Wolf Clan fighters harassing Vetkin, help him and Garrin appears pissed after you kill the Wolf Clan fighters. You must destroy the Dragon Clan base, and Garrin surrenders to you.

Another's a Lotus Clan village. You must eliminate them all.

Another's a Wolf Clan-held mining village. You must eliminate the Wolf villages.

Swan's Pool

After eliminating the path you have chosen, you will enter the Swan's Pool. As you arrive, the Lotus Clan warriors led by Koril attack the building. You must hold the area, while a Ninja flees the area and defeat Koril. After you defeat him, he will help you, but you will slaughter all Geishas, and kill both Kazan and Garrin.

Wolf Attacks

After you are done at the Pool, you must defend yourself from Wolf Clan attacks.Build an army and destroy the Wolf Clan villages. Go to the downright corner you will see Budo's town and he will help you if brought a geisha


Kenji chases the Ninja and ends up in Serpentholm. You must hold yourself from attacks of both Wolf Clan and Lotus Clan. Destroy both of them.

Third Crossroads

Kenji, after taking the Serpentholm,  chases the Ninja but stuck again in a crossroads. He must choose from 3 areas:

One's a Wolf Clan mining town, you must destroy all of them.

Another's a Wolf Clan-held swamp area. Eliminate them all. Utara will help you for this.

Another's a Lotus Clan village led by Koril. Eliminate them all, then kill Zymeth.

The Necromancer

Kenji reached an area where the legendary Necromancer lives. He must dodge or fight all Zombies and Spirit Warriors in the mountain and reach the peak where the Necromancer will meet you.

The Betrayal

As Kenji finds the Necromancer, Otomo betrays Kenji and Shinja. Kenji vows to kill Otomo

Slaying the Dragon Snake

Kenji finds Otomo and his forces holed up in the area, including Dragon Clan fighters. He must destroy his base and kill Otomo.


Kenji leads the reformed Serpent Clan.