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L-logo-masterwarlock  Master Warlock
Tier 4
Total Rice 180
Total Water 150
Melee Cutting
Missile/Ranged Explosive
Strengths Cutting
Weaknesses Fire
Prerequisite Two Warlocks enter the Warlock's Tower and one Master Warlock leaves.
Passive None

"I am Death."
— Master Warlock

The Master Warlock is a unit of the Lotus Clan.


The end of the Forbidden Path is a mystery unknown to humankind, save for those who have tasted its fruits. The Final test of a Lotus magician's skill, wisdom and strength takes place in the Master Warlocks' Tower, an enchanted fortress of such evil that none but a full fledged warlock can set foot within its walls and hope to survive.

When two warlocks declare that they have attained perfect understanding of the Tree of Corruption, they enter the tower together. Nobody knows what terrible wisdom is imparted there, what dread specters arise from the past, or what fantastic duels take place. Only one Warlock emerges from the Tower however, and with him he carries the polished, grinning skull of his opponent. Thereafter he is a near-immortal terror on the battlefield, commanding wizardry beyond imagination, swinging the skull with the force of a giant's hammer.

Though it is speculation, some guess that the true winner of the Warlock's Duel is actually the gleaming skull, for the skull is beyond pain and death, and forever whispers the black, unknowable secrets of the grave in his captive owner's ear.

Battle GearEdit

Battle Gear can acquired from
L-logo-lythis Brother Lythis L-logo-tausil Brother Tausil L-logo-sekh Brother Sekh
L-lythissoulthresh Soul Thresher Stamina:
L-tausilunlife Unlife Stamina:
L-sehkephimeral Ephemeral Corridor Stamina:
At the Blade Brother's building the Master Warlocks's energy blasts can be tuned to cleave not just the body, but the soul itself, making the Master Warlock's attacks inflict more damage. Though the branches are cut, the trunk may live; Tausil can teach his greatest disciples to raise his allies from the dead. Amid the dappled shadows of the forest, distances can be illusory. Sehk can grant the Warlock insight into the art of teleportation.


Usage Edit

While hard to obtain, Master Warlocks excel both in range combat and melee duels due to their high Health, highly-damaging melee and missile weapons, excellent resistance (25%) against the very common melee Cutting damage and optimal resistances against ranged Piercing and Explosive damage (50%), normal resistance to Blunt (100%) and a somewhat large weakness to Fire (150%), yet Fire weapons are very uncommon and often deal low damage (excluding the dragon Warrior's Flaming Sword, which deals high damage, but the Dragon Warrior is weak to the Master Warlock'c cutting melee weapon).

Still, Master warlock were not invincible, despite their raw strengths:

The best counters to Master Warlocks are the Wolves' Hurlers, who strongly resist (25%) Master Warlock's powerful default Explosive missiles, while Master Warlocks take 100% Blunt damage from Hurlers, thus Hurlers will win against Master Warlocks after gruellingly long battles of attrition (Hurlers actually deal low damage)

Master Warlocks may be granted Lythis' Soul Thresher to change their missile from Siege Lightning (30 Explosive damage) to Soul Thresher (52 Magical damage) -which deals 100% magical adamage against Hurlers, yet Hurlers will simply wear Shale Armor to halve Soul Thresher magical damage and Master Warlocks' default Explosive Missiles, defensively speaking.

Serpents can counter Master Warlocks with the cheaper Cannoneers.

Among their Battle Gears,

  • Sekh's Ephemeral Corridor is the easiest to get (Brother Sekh can safely drain enemies' stamina from afar to spend and grant the Master Warlock this Gear) and is very useful for both offensive (albeit of limited effectiveness) and evasive purposes: Players can instantly teleport a Master Warlock, who by default attacks from afar right into the enemy front-line to soak up damage for the fragile Warlocks and Unclean ones (especially if s/he decides to train only ranged Lotus units), yet the Diseased Ones, whose Health can be increased twice, fulfill this role as front-line tanks much better, so it's best that players use Ephemeral Corridor to spirit the dying Master Warlock in a pinch to safety.
  • Tausil's Unlife and Lythis's Soul Thresher are harder to get because Brother Tausil and Lythis must risk coming into melee range, taking damage, and even dying to drain stamina to grant these BGs to the Master Warlock (if the brother died trying, then the player shall've to waste Yin points to revive them), but this problem can be solved when the Lotus player effectively uses the Lotus melee units (Blade Acolytes, Staff Adepts, Diseased Ones) to distract enemies while the Brothers drain stamina.
  • Once obtained, these gears are really game-changing:
  • Soul Thresher passes through enemies and buildings, allowing the Lotus players to devastate groups of tightly-packed enemies.
  • Unlife shall bring dead allies back to life instantly at Full Health, effectively catching the hostile player off-guard, as long as dead allies' corpses still lie around (excluding Warlocks and Master warlocks, who leave no corpses, this is why Master Warlocks cannot revive Warlocks or each other).

Trivia Edit

The Master Warlock model actually composes of two Warlocks: one is the four-armed skeleton, the other is the glowing spirit inside the skeleton's rib-cage. Once the Master Warlock dies, the skeleton Warlock whirls into death, while the spirit Warlock resumes his "human-shaped" form and ascends into death (yet the ascending human-shaped form is very hard to be seen unless the player pay close attention).

As the Master Warlock is the winning one emerging after the duel in the Warlock Tower, the winner may be either the Skeleton, who traps his defeated comrade's power into himself, or the Spirit, who wields his defeated comrade's skeletal remains as his trophies.

Quotes (Move)Edit

  • "I am complete!"
  • "I seek....the enemy!"
  • "I am power!"
  • "I am ready...."
  • "I....prepare...."
  • "I am the master!"

Quotes (Attack)Edit

  • "Venom unleashed!"
  • "I'll take their heads!"
  • "My power unfolds"
  • "Their souls are mine!"
  • "DESTROY!"
  • "There is no escape!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat) Edit

  • "Enough!"

Quotes (Kill) Edit

  • "No mercy!"
  • "I am the master!"
  • "Feeble child!"
  • "Your life is mine!"

Quotes (Heal)Edit

  • "I... am full!"
  • "Replenishment!"

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