Population is the quantity of people one village can hold.


1 unit equals 1 population score. The more units are produced, the slower the peasants generation rate in their peasant huts.

Population types

The maximum population is defined by the game settings:

  • 20 - Low Population.
  • 30 - Medium Population.
  • 40 - High Population.
  • 50 - This population is unique and only appears in the last mission of Kenji's Journey - Dragon Road.

Peasant Generation Rate (PGR)

The population directly influences the PGR and vice versa. The PGR becomes slower as more peasants come out of the peasant huts. So the more units one has under control- the slower other peasants come out.

Once the population reaches its maximum, the peasants huts stop generating peasants until the total number of units reduces.


  • Wolves and horses are not affected by population.
  • Zen Masters and summoned units count as units affected by population.
  • It is possible to speed up PGR by building more peasant huts.[1]


  1. The proof of that statement can be seen in this video.

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