Tree of Corruption is a religious idea of the Lotus Clan.


Decades before the Horde attacks,Lotus Clan was once a peaceful tribe,until some wise men,introduced the idea of the Tree of Corruption upon the tribe.Many opposed it,but the belief still remains.

The disaster created by Tarrant The Elder became an advantage of the warlocks who believe on the belief.The ones who oppose it died,leaving the clan to be fully influenced.


The Tree was said to be taken care by 3 persons,namely Brother Sekh (for the bladed leaves),Brother Tausil (for the twisted trunk) and Brother Lythis (for the roots),collectively known as Lotus Brothers.

They died decades before the warlock believers influenced the Lotus Clan.


The believers bathe themselves upon the corruption given by the Tree.Some sacrificed themselves and their bodies just to achieve something.

For examples:

- Blade Acolytes use their rage and the Tree to create the same blade Brother Lythis to cut the roots.

- Staff Adepts use their hopelessness and the Tree to harness the trunk's strength.

- Leaf Disciples use their force of will and telepathy to control the blade-like leaves.

- Infested Ones use their bodies themselves to spread their corruption.

- Unclean Ones use their goo-filled bodies to spread their corruption.

- Diseased Ones use their diseased breath to spread corruption.

- Warlocks passed the sufferings and now fully utilized the Tree's energies to attack their enemies.

- Master Warlocks is the ultimate prize for a Lotus believer.They doubly utilize the Tree's energies.

- Channelers communicate through the Tree to get Ravens on the Aviary.

- Overseers use their knowledge about the Tree.

- Reapers was built from the combination of corpses and the Tree's power.

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