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W-logo-werewolf  Werewolf
Tier 4
Total Rice 123 (113[1], 110[2], 100[3])
Total Water 167 (154[1], 147[2], 147[3])
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Cutting, Blunt
Weaknesses Fire
Prerequisite Berserker used Lycanthropy.
Passive Alpha Wolf: Wolves found in the wild will regard the Werewolf as the Alpha Wolf and follow him wherever he goes. Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and does so slightly faster than normal.

"Swords are the fangs of men, but fangs are the swords of Gods."
— Werewolf

The Werewolf is a unit of the Wolf Clan.


The Werewolf is no longer human. Clad only in fur, rarely speaking the tongues of men, he lives apart from the rest of the Clan. Even veteran Pack Masters keep their distance from him. The reason is simple: a Werewolf does not embody the loyal, dependable spirit of the pack member, but rather the ravenous essence of the alpha wolf. Wolves who meet him in the wild recognize this terrible authority and instantly submit to his rule. Both innocent and guilty must beware the whims of this stalker; it is in his nature to kill the weak, and most mortals seem tempting and delicious prey indeed.

Though vicious, these ex-Beserkers remember their human pasts, and rarely harm those of their own Clan. However, they hate outsiders with feral intensity, and recognize no difference between war and peacetime except that the former brings more prey to their hunting grounds. No Werewolf has ever given quarter or recognized an enemy's surrender. They fight only to kill, and will not be denied their victory feasts.

Battle GearEdit

W-wolfsbiteb Wolf's Bite Stamina:
Can be granted by Druidess' Blessing.
Should a Werewolf grow lonely for the company of men, he may choose to transfer his curse of lycanthropy to his prey, becoming a Berserker once more. His helpless enemy is trapped in the body of an ordinary wolf. There is no cure, and he is eventually ripped apart by the conflict between his soul and body.

Usage Edit

Werewolves are powerful melee units with high Health, decent attack damage, high speed, and good resistances against Cutting and Blunt, which are very common melee damage types, and Werewolves are only weak against Fire, which is less common and most Fire-types attack deal little damage, making the Werewolves excellent units for soaking up melee damages while other Wolf units move in for the kill.

The most common and effective tactic for werewolves is "Hit & Run", provided werewolves have already obtained the Wolf Bite battle gear. Due to werewolves' resistances, speed and health + stamina regeneration, they're able to kill a couple of enemy units and get away without any losses, just to strike again soon. If werewolves decide to fight in melee, it is very effective to support them with Ballistaman's Totem, improving their damage and slowing down their prey.

Werewolves' Alpha Wolf Innate is quite useful: Any single Werewolf can obtain up to two wild wolves, thus allowing other Wolf units to get wolves from Wolves Den, resulting in more wolves on the battlefield. Werewolves' battle gear Wolf Bite, if timed right so that the Werewolf kills his target, will immediately turn the bitten target into a wolf, who will follow the Werewolf upon first sight and fight alongsides him against the Wolf Clan's enemies.

On the flip side, Werewolves are expensive and hard to obtain. Even if Werewolves can be easily massed by Druidess' Blessings, Wolf players still need to mass Berserkers first, costing a lot of resources and time (this problem is somewhat lessened after Grooming and Forest Blessing shall've been researched). Worse Werewolves cannot wear Shale Armor to boost Resistance, and they take full damage from Explosive and Magic attacks, some of which can be quite powerful (e.g. Master Warlock's Soul Thresher, Unclean's Glut of Corruption, Musketeer's Gunfire, etc.). Also, even though Werewolves resist Cutting well, their Cutting Resistance (0.35) is less than stellar compared to the 0.25 Cutting Resistance possessed by other units like Samurai, Ronin, Berserkers, etc. Not to mention that the Berserkers can even better their Cutting Resistance by wearing Shale Armor.


Quotes (Move)Edit

  • "Goooooooo......"
  • "Sssttaaalllkkkk...."
  • "(Howling voices)"
  • "Mooovvvvveeeee....."
  • "Huuuuunnnnnttttt...."

Quotes (Attack)Edit

  • "Kkkkiiiilllllll....."
  • "Fiiiiggggghhhhhtttt....."
  • "(Howling voices)"

Quotes (Kills) Edit

  • "More hunt"
  • "Wolf!"
  • "Kiiilllll..."
  • "Diiie!"
  • "Eaaat!"

Quotes (Heal) Edit

  • "Frieeeend..."
  • "Mhhhmmm..."

Trivia Edit

  • The Wolf Bite battle gear is supposed to have it's own sound, which can be found in the game archives, but for some reason it has the same sound as the Lycanthropy of Berserker
  • As very few units resist Piercing and all of them are heroes (namely, Arah, Gaihla, Grayback, Necromancer, & Vetkin), this increases the Werewolf's and Grayback's offensive potential to a certain extent, because many units actually resist the Berserker's Cutting attacks; on the flip side, Piercing attacks only deals extra damage against horses, Utara, and Orb Zymeth, while many more units take extra damage from cutting, this means that the Berserker's Cutting attacks fare much better offensive-wise in the larger picture. As such, player can field Berserkers as main attackers while holding Werewolves in reserve and field them against units which resist the Berserker's cutting attacks, because the only unit who resists both Cutting and Piercing effectively is the Necromancer, limited to one per each player.


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