Wolves' Den is a Wolf Clan structure that houses Wolves. They can also train Pack Masters.


Wolves' Den is like a large kennel for wolves and their pups.They must be fed regularly by giving Horses to them as food. Then the pups steps into maturity,they must find suitable Wolf Clan partners to fight.

One horse produces 2 wolves and can hold up to 8 wolves per building. The number of wolves may be accompanied by:

  • 1 Wolf per ordinary Wolf Clan members (except Monk)
  • 2 Wolves per Zen Master (except Wildeye) and Werewolves
  • 3 Wolves for every Pack Master and Wildeye.

Other abilities

Besides acting as a Wolf kennel,they can also make Wolf Clan stronger as wolf clan and wolf are symbolic.Wolves Among Sheep enables Wolves to be sturdier and stronger,Foraging help pack master find rare herb. thus, makes Pack Masters tougher and lastly,Howl Of Freedom empower the sense of freedom and makes Berserkers,pack master and Werewolves fight more ferociously to defend it.

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